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Elephant School - the Way Kambas National Park - Lampung


Way Kambas is located in East Lampung District, Way Kambas National Park is a large national park covering 1,300 square kilometres in Lampung province, south Sumatra, Indonesia. In the east part of Central Lampung there is a nature reserve named “Way Kambas“ which covers 130.000 hectares areas. To achieve Way Kambas, an asphalted road is built. It takes 2 hours drive from Bandar Lampung. In nature reserve, there is the first elephant-training centre in Indonesia to train wild elephants which are capture from outside the area because they have disturbed the people's fields.

It is estimated there are about 500 elephants in Lampung, 250 of them are in Way Kambas. In this nature reserve, we can also find other wild animal such as Sumateran tigers, bears, tapirs and other animals such as deer, wild pigs and 286 bird species. If we visit Way kambas, we can see the process of training wild elephants in the elephants training centre, an attraction of elephants are playing football, elephant safari, elephants are swimming and on certain occasions, we can also join catching the wild elephants and watch the elephants which are in the sexual mood which is very rarely found in the world.

According to Zoography, Way Kambas area included in oriental region. It is different than islands eastside of the Wallace line, either Sumatra or Way Kambas does not have endemic species treasures. There is just 15 species of endemic mammals and 20 species of bird. The existing animals in Way Kambas such as Sumateran Elephant, Sumateran rhino, Sumateran tiger, tapir, chevrotain, long tail apes, monkeys and several kind of bird like heron, parrot, and some else.
Way Kambas National Park is the area of raining forest that has 126.000 ha areas. And geographically is located between 4° 37 LS - 5° 16 LU and 105°54 BT, and the highest by 0 - 60 m dpl and the average of raindrops is about 2000 mm/year.


Way Kanan is included in the Way Kambas National Park area with the location 13 Km from the gate (plang Ijo). Along the way visitors are fortunate to be able to see the wildlife that roam or travel on the road.
Right Way is a paradise for lovers of nature because of its flora and fauna.


Still in Way Kanan Resort area, there are SRS (Sumateran Rhino Sanctuary). This location is the Project Development Research Sumatran rhino population in its habitat as well as the Sumatran tiger population research. Activities that can be done is in the jungle Jungle Tracking or motor boating or river downstream to upstream area to observe the flora and fauna with guided officers.

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